COMBI PLAN - thresholds completely barrier-free 0.0 mm

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COMBI PLAN 0.0 mm redefines the term "barrier-free".

Our tolerance for barrier-free construction is no longer 20 millimeters high thresholds. For us, the barrier remains zero.


COMBI PLAN is an absolutely uncompromising solution, perfect wherever comfort and safety come first. The threshold will be overcome without the risk of stumbling - by small children, the elderly, or with mobility difficulties. The COMBI PLAN zero threshold system is no obstacle for buggies, walking frames, or wheelchairs. It is an ideal choice for the private market with a higher standard as well as for public facilities, hospitals, retirement homes, kindergartens, etc.


This unique, flush-to-floor system provides top-tier wind and water tightness thanks to the integrated drop-down seal. The system of double hooks provides additional protection against burglary (RC 2 class) and the tilt and turn function required by many users.



These thresholds are used in inwards- and outwards-opening entrance doors, tilt and turn balcony doors, with a movable and fixed mullion, single- and double-leaf doors with a movable mullion. They are compatible with leading PVC and wood profile systems.


The thresholds can be used for the following systems: Aluplast 7000, Salamander BE82, Gealan 9000, VEKA SL82, Profine 76, Schuco Living and wooden doors.



  • Exceptional comfort, thresholds flush with the floor surface
  • The threshold without any resistance or elevation is almost unnoticeable
  • Greater comfort than provided by the standard, where thresholds up to 20 mm high are considered as barrier-free
  • The highest possible safety thanks to protection against lifting hook closures in the tilted and closed positions
  • Standard safety class RC 2 possible to achived
  • Zero barrier while maintaining high tightness
  • Tilt and turn execution
  • Certified systems



  • on a standard thermally-insulated threshold/ on a standard threshold with a thermal spacer
  • possibility of using an additional system linear drainage
  • sealing with a self-closing seal
  • possibility of an additional locking point in the threshold
  • water tightness class 8A according to DIN EN 1027
  • air permeability class 4 according to DIN EN 1026
  • wind load class C3 according to DIN EN 12211



  • Maximum door leaf weight 220 kg (depending on the hinge side)
  • For single-leaf and double-leaf doors with a movable mullion
  • For rectangular structures
  • For wood and PVC
  • For all visible hinge systems
  • Standard tilt width


Catalogues and assembly instructions are available here.