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B2B trading platform - placing orders became easier!


We have launched a new B2B trading platform - created to help you place orders. Log in and explore our offer.


Thanks to the new platform:

  • you will gain access to your company's current business terms and conditions
  • you can place orders more easily
  • you can check the order status any time you want
  • you will have access to your purchase history and current balance
  • the work of your team will be easier - the platform can be used by several employees within one company


Step by step, or how to become a platform user:

  1. Go to and go to B2B Zone (you can use this link).
  2. Click Create account - completing the registration details and contact form should take no more than a few seconds.
  3. Your account will be activated after an approval by our team. You will receive a confirmation by email. Click the activation link in the received message.
  4. Log in to the platform. Provide the email address and password of the account owner.
  5. See the offer for your company and place an order.


Remember that you will have access to the user panel throughout your account usage. There you will find a preview of the current business conditions, current balance, settlements, a preview of current orders, as well as the option to add additional users responsible for placing orders to your account, and to add additional shipping addresses.


The B2B platform is currently available only in Polish.